Falguni Pathak Navratri Passes 2023 Mumbai, Ticket Price Booking Online

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Falguni Pathak Navratri Passes: Renowned as the Garba queen, Falguni Pathak is all set to grace the stage in Mumbai. For those who admire her and wish to groove to her live tunes, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Falguni Pathak, a celebrated artist, is well-known for her enchanting melodies and musical prowess. She embarked on her musical journey in 1987, with her debut album hitting the scene in 1998.

Falguni Pathak Navratri Garba Pass 2023

Falguni Pathak, the celebrated dandiya queen, is a well-known performer during Navratri festivities. Her live concerts attract tremendous interest, making Falguni Pathak Garba passes highly sought-after during this season. Everyone aspires to join in the joyous garba dancing alongside the dandiya queen herself. The Ultimate Navratri event featuring Falguni Pathak in Ahmedabad is being presented by a prestigious entertainment organization in India, offering a chance to immerse in the cultural festivities of Navratri with live coverage.

Falguni Pathak Navratri Passes 2023 Mumbai, Tickets Booking Online

Highlight Falguni Pathak Navratri Passes 2023 Mumbai

TopicFalguni Pathak Ahmedabad passes
Date of Event13 October 2023
VenueTo be announced
Event NameFalguni Pathak Ultimate Navratri
Entry PassesAvailable online
Mode of BookingOnline
Starting PriceRs 499

Falguni Pathak Navratri 2023 Passes

For those who have a passion for Garba and are eager to experience a Falguni Pathak night, the opportunity has arrived with the availability of Garba Night Passes. You can now secure your tickets for Falguni Pathak’s Navratri 2023 performance. Falguni Pathak is scheduled to enthrall the audience at the Pramod Mahajan Sports Complex in Chikuwadi, Borivali West.

Mumbai Navratri Ticket Booking Online 2023 October, Kinjal Dave Garba Pass

Additionally, at the Durga Devi Navratri Utsav Samiti on Kutchi Ground Link Road in Borivali, other talented singers like Kinjal Dave will also be gracing the stage. It’s worth noting that Borivali in Mumbai holds a special place as Maharashtra’s Navratri hub, making it a prime destination for festive celebrations.

Navratri Utsav with Falguni Pathak Online Tickets

Without a doubt, Navratri remains incomplete without the enchanting presence of Falguni Pathak and her mesmerizing Dandiya performances. Renowned as a global sensation in the Garba and Dandiya Night scene, Falguni Pathak invites you to partake in a musical extravaganza like no other. Her live events exude boundless energy, offering an unforgettable experience for attendees of all ages. Prepare to sway to her unforgettable melodies and popular tunes, as she takes the stage to make the night come alive. This meticulously organized event is designed to immerse you in vibrant music, traditional dance forms, and a delightful ambiance that will leave you with cherished memories.

Falguni Pathak’s tour spans various cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Pune. All that’s left for you to do is secure your tickets and mark your presence at the chosen location. This article serves as your comprehensive guide, providing all the necessary information for ticket purchase. Please be sure to review the timings and terms and conditions to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Falguni Pathak Navratri Garba Ticket Pass Price List 2023

DayTicket Price (Rs.)
1st Day700
2nd Day700
3rd Day700
4th Day700
5th Day1100
6th Day1100
7th Day1100
8th Day1100
9th Day1100
Early bird 10th Day3991100
Season Park Pass4500

Falguni Pathak Navratri Events Schedule

Event NameNavratri Utsav With Falguni Pathak
SingerFalguni Pathak
Event Dates26th September to 5th October
Event Starting Time7:00 p.m.
VenueLate Shri Pramod Mahajan Sports Complex, Mumbai
Event Timing4 Hours

Falguni Pathak Navratri Garba Pass Types

Pass Type

  • Per day pass
  • Season pass

Steps to Book Falguni Pathak Navratri Passes online 2023

To secure your tickets for Navratri Utsav with Falguni Pathak, please visit the official website of bookmyshow.com.

  • You can directly access the booking page by going to this link: http://www.bookmyshow.com/.
  • Once on the booking page, you will find options for Falguni Pathak’s ticket prices for Navratri 2022.
  • There are two choices available: a day pass and a season pass.
  • Select the option that suits your preference, and then click the “book” button.
  • If you opt for a daily pass, you will need to specify your preferred date and time before clicking the “proceed” option.
  • If you are already logged in, you can proceed with your booking and complete the payment process.
  • After successfully completing your booking, you will receive your Falguni Pathak Navratri tickets on your BookMyShow app and via email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: Can you provide some information about Falguni Pathak?

Ans: Falguni Pathak is a renowned Garba artist who hails from India. She is a highly accomplished Indian singer, performer, and composer, known for her contributions to indigenous musical genres from Gujarat, India. Who is falguni pathak?

Q2: Where can I attend Falguni Pathak’s Navratri 2023 event?

Ans: Falguni Pathak’s Navratri 2023 live concert will be accessible to viewers worldwide through broadcasting. To attend, you should initially find a local event location in your area and then proceed to purchase tickets online for that specific event. What is the location of the falguni pathak navratri 2023?

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